GPS Speedometer

Another project I’m working on (the main one is the robotic arm controller), is a GPS Speedometer, which does just that – informs the user of what speed they are doing based on their GPS co-ordinates. For this project again I will be using Arduino, however it again, is not necessary. I use Arduino for its simplicity and dread programming in PIC.

Its best use will be portable, and placed in a car. (It could also be used to calibrate a car’s speedometer). If I have time, the speed will be displayed on a starburst-display (similar to 7 segment but with 6 additional LEDs, to be able to display characters as well as numbers.) In addition, the display will be mirrored in a way that it can be used as a Heads Up Display (HUD) on the windscreen of a car.

I have not gotten very far with this project as of yet as the robot arm project is my main priority.


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