Robotic Arm Controller

As a project I am doing a robotic arm controller. It simply (so far) uses an Arduino board, connected to the motors in purchased model robot arm.

So far one motor can be controlled forwards and backwards, using the L293D H-Bridge chip. My goal is to control all five motors of the arm using buttons.

If there is time I will progress onto a virtual-reality styled simulator involving a sleeve with position feedback systems (probably small potentiometers) and the robot arm will copy the human’s arm movements. There is real-world demand for such a device in the way that it could be used by someone who is slightly disabled (the project would be modified accordingly) to military uses possibly controlling the detonation of a bomb, with more human like mobility for easier use. But that’s an extreme. However a military contract would be welcome 😉 and that idea would only go forward if I had time, which it feels like I don’t.

Anyway reason I’m posting all this is so that I can help other people who may be struggling with the concept of motor control, and can even reference me if they so desire. I will be posting breadboard layouts for ease of use (perhaps circuit diagrams as well, but I have no software easily available). In addition I will be posting Arduino code (based on C) and real life photos of the project.

Thank you for reading this, now lets get to the fun stuff 😀


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