I have made a Hackintosh. Already you have questions. Why? How?

I have a MacBook Pro (Early 2008), and it’s one of the best computers I’ve ever used, and the only laptop I’ve ever had. Until that year I was a 100% Windows user. The MacBook came with OS X Leopard and I remember the first time I switched it on, it played the Welcome video. I was blown away. Ever since, I have been blown away by Apple and their Mac systems, however as a student, I could not afford to keep up to date with Apple’s technologies. My only option was a Hackinosh.

To make a Hackintosh, you need (should, however possible without) a Mac. Check.

I then read up more and more and more. I thought at first it might be over my head. But I learned more about computers and technology in the last few years than ever before. I was up for the challenge. My current Hackintosh is more powerful than the high end iMac. For half the price.

All sorts of paths have opened for me now I have a Mac that can keep up to date. (He says)

However it’s not about ripping off Apple or anything like that. I’m a student. Not a commercial company. If I was I could face legal problems and the investment in Apple would directly pay off in ways of products, etc. I’m not making money. I study Computer Science, so I need advanced computers.

Annnnyway my MacBook died last year (NVidia graphics problem) which, if it wasn’t in warranty, would’ve cost me £400. On most of the components that make up my Hackintosh, I have a 3 year warranty. And it doesn’t involve me sending the whole computer back. In addition I can change any component when I want. I have the flexibility (ish) of a general PC, which runs the most advanced OS at this time. Not only that, I dual boot Windows 7 without the confines of boot camp.

Changing the hard drive in my MacBook for an SSD was a nightmare. Hackintosh? Opened up the side, plugged it in. Boom.

In my next post I will show you even a Hackintosh can be as sexy as a Mac, and maybe more info ;), on how.

Thanks for reading!


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