iOS Jailbreaking

If you’ve read my Hackintosh posts you might understand more of the morals of jailbreaking, however it’s not required.

Anyway, iOS Jailbreaking. Ah how I love it. I have an iPhone 5, which at this moment cannot be publicly jailbroken. Weird statement you think? I had an iPhone 4, and before that the first iPod touch, which was especially easy to jailbreak (compared). This ignited the spark in the love of opening up closed boxes for an amazing device. It really releases the true potential of the device.

However, the jailbreak does not make the device. Apple have really amazed us at what is possible with phones. They have truly changed how we communicate.. Blah blah but some of us want the device to more.

Maybe I have OCD on customisation and personalisation, you might understand if you saw my workspace or even my desktop. However I just love being able to do so much with a device I can hold in my hand. It’s definitely not my main “computer” (thanks Hackintosh) but it’s great to have my “office” with me on the move.

The way jailbreaking works also interests me. And none of this would be possible without people – who do not get directly paid – who have the knowledge to open the system up. Without them the iPhone would have nowhere near as many features as it does today.

Thanks for reading! Huge thanks to all those amazing people, including the iPhone dev team, pod2g, and all the rest!


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