iPod Shuffle (1G)

20130221-110134 PM.jpg
So, I randomly bought it at a Cex shop for £15, a 512mb iPod shuffle 1st generation. At first I thought it was broken however I used the oldest earphones I have and the iPod was actually fine.

Ok, so Apple’s EarPods don’t work (properly) with this iPod. I understand the iPod is far older than the EarPods (5 years?) but the EarPods should work with anything. Shouldn’t they?

Apple’s normal earphones with the music control buttons don’t work properly either. This is such a weird fact and I can’t believe this is happening. Apple don’t support older iPods, even with their earphones. They’re simply not designed to work with ‘outdated’ products.

Before swapping for older earphones I restored numerous times, on different Macs on different USB (2.0) ports.

I just wrote this as a kind of help to other people who will undoubtedly buy ‘retro’ products and expect their new earphones to work with them. However any 3rd party earphones would probably work with them anyway.. You shouldn’t even settle for Apple earphones 😉 you deserve better.

P.s. the iPod didn’t come with earphones which is probably why this happened

Thanks for reading, hope this helped 🙂


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