I have made a Hackintosh. Already you have questions. Why? How? I have a MacBook Pro (Early 2008), and it’s one of the best computers I’ve ever used, and the only laptop I’ve ever had. Until that year I was a 100% Windows user. The MacBook came with OS X Leopard and I remember the […]

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GPS Speedometer

Another project I’m working on (the main one is the robotic arm controller), is a GPS Speedometer, which does just that – informs the user of what speed they are doing based on their GPS co-ordinates. For this project again I will be using Arduino, however it again, is not necessary. I use Arduino for […]

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Robotic Arm Controller

As a project I am doing a robotic arm controller. It simply (so far) uses an Arduino board, connected to the motors in purchased model robot arm. So far one motor can be controlled forwards and backwards, using the L293D H-Bridge chip. My goal is to control all five motors of the arm using buttons. […]

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